Building your wishlist and observation time.
Your pre-training survey will give me an idea of your needs (and wants) but observation of your pet and talking directly with you at our first session together is essential and will help me to build you custom plan.

Neko (Neks) was a rescue pup from the Michigan Humane Society who found Deb while she led an team of trainers doing after hours in-shelter training.  Neks did not appear to be suffering from anything other than some time on the streets of Pontiac and a stint in the shelter environment. At about 8 - 9 months old he started to develop deficits in his gait and weakness in his appendages. After consultation with many specialists including a neurologist it was determined Neks had "dying back syndrome" a condition that is very rare in young dogs and no real timeline for his health to rely on. Neks continues to beat the odds dealt him and at five years of age is still mobile with the help of his Walkin' Wheels.  

A welcome & orientation.
Thank you for beginning this important work. We'll lay some groundwork for 'dog learning' and how clicker training works. With one-on-one coaching you can learn how to solve your dog's bad habits and help your pet form new, polite and calm behaviors.

Deb Monroe is a CPDT-KA, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), A certified instructor through the Michigan Humane Society, a member of Truly Dog-Friendly Trainers, and a Full Member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) the association for force-free pet industry professionals.

Deb has a passion for rescues (lovingly referred to as "second chance pets") and especially enjoys helping families welcome a new puppy into their homes.  First time pet owners and those that haven't had a pet in awhile - you are in great hands!

Meet Deb Monroe, CPDT-KA

Meet Deb's Heart Dog, Neko

Hands-on practice and homework.
We will practice together behavior basics that will be reflected in your homework. Follow up sessions will include review time and I'll show you some new ways to challenge your pet.  I will teach you how to teach your pet along with a written plan of action to address your family's needs.

What to Expect

Neko Monroe